Van Wijnen Office Heerenveen

Sustainability and flexibility are central to Van Wijnen’s new ‘smart office’. The building’s digital butler – Higgens – continuously collects data to make the building ever better for its employees. Everything in the building is focused on serving the employees as best as possible.

Sensors in the building ensure that the light, the height of the desks and the climate adjust to the preferences of the employees. The first floor is equipped with a restaurant and (work) café where there are not only healthy lunches, but also space for meeting and working. In the gaming corner there is room for relaxation and in the train seats you can get some rest. On the 2nd floor there is a greenhouse where you literally meet in the green, here you can find a peaceful green space as well.

The new office of Van Wijnen is a showpiece when it comes to sustainability to this day, the latest materials in the field of circularity have been applied everywhere. From the floors to the paint on the walls. 

The entire interior is flexible and movable. This allows the office to grow and move with the changes within the company. The Van Wijnen red elements are striking. These elements are placed on a large rail that runs across the office. This gives the space character and it is also a flexible space separation. The entire office is furnished according to the Oak Vital Office method. With this office, Van Wijnen is ready for the next step and sets the trend with the office of the future.

City Heerenveen
Year 2020
Area 2700m2
Team Studio Oak, Van Wijnen, Van Aagten projectrealisatie, Pranger & Rosier, Ljocht, KVS kantoorinrichting, Snoeken interieur & project
Photography Erikjan Koopmans