Retail interiors

Retail interiors that are minblowing. What is being talked about. In which there is room for collection and colleagues, so that it is nice to work in. And contribute to your customer experience. By stimulating all the senses. See, feel, hear. Maybe even smell and taste. This is the experience that you want.

We are real designers. In retail interior design we think about what you see and experience when you walk inside. We are very curious about your story and brand. Together with you we realize a complete new design for your retail business.


By retail design we mean a lot of things such as the furniture, furnishing, lighting to the product display, window dressing and graphic communication. Eventually this will be the look and feel of your store and retail brand.

We take all concerns out of your hands. We start at the beginning and only end when we, but also you, are satisfied. This is the only way we make you and the customers happy with the result.

Are you looking for a new retail design? Take a look at our projects below. Please contact us for an appointment without any obligation.


Clients: Feanstore sc Heerenveen (Heerenveen), Univé Dichtbij Winkel (Veenendaal), Univé Winkel Oost (Enschede), Univé Winkel Noord-Holland (Alkmaar), Opgeweckt Noord Winkel (Groningen), ESFA Beurs Tuinbranche (Keulen, Duitsland)


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How we work

We have carried out design projects for various retail companies. Our goal here was to arrange the design in such a way that the right feeling came to the surface when seeing the result.  

We always start with a nice cup of coffee or tea. In this conversation we like to hear your story and make an inventory of your wishes and goals. With our team of experienced designers we will work to create a total experience around your brand and store. In combination with your wishes, mission and vision we will come to a design. We do not only do the theoretical part, but also the practical part. We deliver the entire building with the new design to you. We are only ready when you are satisfied and ready for satisfied customers.

Are you curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us for the different possibilities.