NHL Stenden Hotel lobby - Wannee

We welcome you to the new bar at the Stenden Hotel in Leeuwarden. The bar in the lobby at the Stenden Hotel and Restaurant Wannee is more than just a bar… 

In fact, it is a place for a beer or a delicious cocktail, but also the place where you check in or have something to eat. The most delicious dishes are prepared on the grill incorporated into the bar. The bar is made of natural materials, such as solid oak and Terrazzo. In the middle section, a large island is placed with a drinks rack on top. This seems to run away into the skylight.

City Leeuwarden
Year 2019
Area 259 m2
Team Studio OAK, BRTA architecten, Perdon interieurbouw, Bakker Vakkeuken, Friso Bouwgroep, Pranger & Rosier installaties, Linssen ingenieursbureau, Jorijn de Gooijer
Photography Erikjan Koopmans