Elkien Office, Leeuwarden

Sensors in the building ensure that the light, the height of the desks and the climate adjust to the preferences of the employees. The first floor is equipped with a restaurant and (work) café where there are not only healthy lunches, but also space for meeting and working. In the gaming corner there is room for relaxation and in the train seats you can get some rest. On the 2nd floor there is a greenhouse where you literally meet in the green, here you can find a peaceful green space as well.

In addition, in the office different natural materials and colors were used, creating a dynamic and contemporary whole. The existing characteristic tiled floor has been preserved. The floor has been sanded and treated, making it a beautiful base in the colorful whole. The green ceiling is equipped with acoustic panels to make the space acoustically pleasant. The central bar and kitchen allow employees to meet and work in different ways. Flexible phone booths have been placed in the office space, where you can make a phone call in peace without disturbing colleagues.

City Leeuwarden
Year 2020
Area 600m2
Team Studio Oak, Brandmeester projectrealisatie, INREDA project + interieur, Van Wijnen, P. de Vries installatietechniek, Qbiq wandsystemen
Photography Erikjan Koopmans