Studio OAK

Studio OAK was founded in 2015 by Folkert van der Kooij. Roll up your sleeves, work hard. An own vision on interior design. Searching for sharpness and designing and making beautiful things.

In 2018, this vision was given a new impulse. Laura Fransen became co-owner. Together they fight the established order. In search of passion, character and identity. Translated into high-profile interiors.

“Why bother, if you can do it together.”  Because besides the hard core, with Folkert and Laura, there is a flexible shell. A shell with design professionals with various specialties. Usable when the situation demands it. For large and small projects, to relieve you.

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Laura Fransen

Interior designer


Folkert van der Kooij

Interior designer


Team OAK

Currently our team consists of 7 design professionals:

Rinskje de Vries

3D modelleur

Douwe Keizer

Graphic designer 

Ingrid Boschma

Graphic designer

Jorijn de Gooijer

Visual artist

Sterre  †2020

Studio dog


This is how we work

First we get to know each other.
An extensive conversation, in a free atmosphere. With coffee, tea and some goodies. You tell. We ask and explore. And in the meantime we talk about your  demands and wishes.

Then we really get to work.
Looking for your story. What makes you unique, what is your dream and motivation? Thinking up ideas and developing concepts. Which we will discuss with you in detail.

Now the design phase begins.
We start roughly. With various sketch designs. Then we go from a preliminary design to a high-profile, definitive design. And of course you – as the client – are involved in every step.

But we don’t stop there.
Because a design is beautiful, but no more than that, it now comes down to the execution. The realization. What we like to take care of, without stress for you. In which we of course maintain  contact. So that we – but especially you – are satisfied with the delivery.

And then there is a party!
We mark an important moment. The delivery, but also the beginning of new success.



Our promises

We do what we promise. Period.

1. Stubborn & Curious

We are stubborn. This means that we work according to our own way. Without standards. We are also very curious. Healthy critical, sharp and creative. And always looking for the distinguishing factor.

2. Sober & Authentic

No smooth talk or tight suits. With both feet on the ground. Sober Northerners, who don’t easily drive you crazy. We strive for sincerity. And authenticity. This draws us, but certainly also the original materials with which we work.

3. Dedicated & involved

We start at the basics and end with the dots on the i. From big lines to the smallest details. And from design to complete realization. With natural and bio-based materials, without a short lifespan or high environmental impact. As sustainable and responsible as possible. That is our aim. That’s what we go for.

Folkert & Laura